FreshCUP™ is compact, so it will fit into almost every limited-space office kitchen. It can wash and sanitise 200 cups an hour.  This is more than most coffee shops use.

Your cleaner’s time is also valuable and could be more efficiently utilised. Both the cleaners and other office staff contribute to overall office efficiency rather than waste time washing cups with a germ-ridden sponge.

Yes, according to well-documented research, most kitchen sponges transfer a great number of germs and bacteria from cup to cup. 

Who uses them at home? Besides, they are costly, add to pollution, wasteful, take up space, harmful to the environment and do not provide the feeling of quality you get from drinking from a ceramic cup.

No, FreshCUP™ detergents are 100% biodegradable which means that the two opposite pH detergents neutralize each other after utilising their full strength undiluted chemical properties during the cleaning process, and then flush away as neutral as natural water.

No, each FreshCUP™ detergent refill will (depending on cycle and number of cups per cycle) wash up to 400 mugs or 600 espresso cups. A controlled amount is sprayed onto the cups during every cycle unlike other cleansers, which are cheaper but get used up faster. 

True FreshCUP™ is a new machine in the South African office, but so were faxes, computers, cell phones, etc. and they are not considered luxuries now. Ensuring employee health is surely not a luxury.

FreshCUP™ connects to the cold water supply in the kitchen and its special design will heat the water to over 90˚C as it is used. Standard installation takes less than an hour, requiring electricity and drainage just as any regular dishwasher.

FreshCUP™ is to a dishwasher what a microwave is to an oven.  It will wash cups in 30 seconds while a dishwasher takes a long time to fill and then runs for anything from 20 to 45 minutes, wasting water and electricity.  Using your own cup is not only the healthiest option, but it reduces dishware loss and many people prefer it.

Yes, thousands of offices and hundreds of cafes and restaurants have proven the durability of FreshCUP™. The system can be run continuously in high traffic areas and prides itself on state-of-the-art technology and top quality.

FreshCUP™ reduces absenteeism and loss of productivity caused by the spreading of infections through shared cups. It cuts out unproductive time spent in the kitchen. It saves on water and electricity. It eliminates time wasted on cleaning arguments and contributes to an overall pleasant office environment. It reduces or eliminates losses to chipping and shrinkage of office-supplied cups.

If power is lost during a wash cycle FreshCUP™ will stop working during the outage.  When power is restored it will perform a rinse cycle then present the load for removal.

FreshCUP™ is ideal in a home environment where hot or cold beverages are regularly consumed, or where the kitchen is too small for a conventional dishwasher. The latest version introduced to South Africa has also been designed for sanitising baby bottles.

The FreshCUP machine is not sold for office environments. Rather, it is provided as part of a total cup washing facility for a fixed monthly fee that includes detergent, maintenance and service to ensure uninterrupted availability. The machine may be repaired or replaced as necessary. The fee depends on number of users, number of times used per day and wash cycles selected. This is usually determined by assessing usage in a pre-installation trial period.